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Smart Wallet – How Did It Make Life Easier

What are smart wallets? How does it work? How did this technology change the traditional wallet and payment methods?

Technology is definitely changing the world. Things that we do each day and the things that we use is just constantly changing coping with the trend. Everything is getting digital. From phones to watches, cars, houses are getting smarter. In 2018, a breakthrough happened when wallets became smart. Smart wallets were introduced in the market along with a smart wallet app.

Have you heard about Smart Wallets?

A smart wallet is a modern version of your wallet only that it is equipped with the latest technology and electronics which will keep you out of danger. The contents of your wallet is very important that is why technology has given us options on how to protect our credit card and cash. Smart wallets aside from its modern design have RFID blocking and device tracking which keeps our valuables safe.

Why should I get a smart wallet?

  1. You will never lose your wallet ever again – You can locate your wallet! It has a location system connected to the smart wallet app on your mobile phone. For example, you leave your wallet behind you will automatically receive a message on your phone that your wallet is not with you! Awesome right? What’s nice about this is it works both with Android and IOs application.
  2. It is easy to find – Ever has a day when you just can’t find your wallet and you are up to something very important? Smart wallets can be easily found because you will hear a sound that will help you find it. Most smart wallets have an alarm feature that helps you find it when misplaced.
  3. Your money, credit, and ATMs are safe – this awesome device has a special protective application called RFID signals. It protects your wallet from external threats. Some smart wallet would require you to have passwords as a security code.
  4. It has many varieties that will suit your needs – In choosing your own smart wallet it is important that it will suit your individual needs. Since it is popular in the market there a lot of designs and options to choose from. It comes in various shapes and sizes.
  5. Bluetooth connectivity – this application allows your wallet to be connected to your device via Bluetooth. Smart wallets can pair with both Android and IOS devices.
  6. Finger Tip Sensor Authentication – some smart wallet may require passwords or passcodes before you can unlock it. Some smart wallet provides the user with a Touch-ID feature for authentication.
  7. Tracking Activities – one of the best feature of a smart wallet is to be able to track your activities. How? It will track the activities you made using your wallet like how many times did you use a certain card and it will alert you if a certain card is not in place.
  8. Touch screen features – A wallet with a touch screen? Yes, it’s possible! Now, this comes only to some smart wallets. You can store your money, credit cards, debit cards, IDs and keep them safe. This wallet is also password protected and comes in handy. How to use it? Easy. You just to select from the option on your screen. Say you need to use a certain credit card, just select it on your screen and it will give you the card that you need.

The traditional wallet that we have is not dead. But we also need to cope with the changing technology. In the end, you will be the judge on which one will benefit you the most.