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Reasons Why You’re Losing Twitter Followers

Many accounts experience issues, such as losing followers on their accounts at some point of time. There are a number of reasons you may be experiencing this in your account. Some of the reasons are ignorable, while others are serious with you required to do something about it to remedy the situation.

Try to explore all the ways to get more followers on Twitter to remedy the problem. However, it may not be as simple as that and difficult to make a strategy to engage new followers. This article will look at all the reasons why you may be losing followers on the platform and also state the severity of the issue.

Fake followers

Twitter regularly removes fake followers from the accounts since they are not allowed as per their terms. The fake followers are not handled by actual people and may be bots that have started following your account. These followers will be removed by Twitter and you do not have to do anything about it since they add little value to your account and may also negatively affect your overall engagements.

Poor tweets

The more pressing issue would be if your tweets are seen as ordinary and without adding value to the followers viewing them. Try to make content which is not what everyone else is talking about by taking your own unique take on news or discussions relating to your industry. This will ensure that you make quality content which engages the audience to look at rather than posting what everyone else is tweeting.

Your tweets are not relatable

It is important to make content which is demanded by the audience. There may be a chance that you have lost your identity slightly and have started posting content which is not entirely appreciated by the audience. Try to look at what everyone else in the industry is talking about and make content discussing similar topics and news.

Purchased followers

Purchasing followers is not the best strategy for your account, as it is dependent on the providers who will give you the followers. There is a chance that the providers are not effective in engaging the correct audience to your account since they may not like what they see on your profile and have started to unfollow your account. Additionally, many of the followers might not be actual people as they may be bots which Twitter is removing from your account. Always try to engage followers through organic means. Ensure that the service providers are good at what they do before buying followers.


People on Twitter appreciate a strong sense of community where people regularly communicate and discuss with each other on trending topics and the latest news. If you ignore your audience and never communicate with them, they may not find the sense of belonging and community they were looking for, making them unfollow your activities.

The factors addressed above will help the users understand the different reasons that may have experienced losing their followers on Twitter. Be sure to look at the remedies provided as they will help you win back your followers in a timely manner.