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Top 5 Travel Life Hacks

If you intend to travel soon, maybe to vacation out of the country. There are vital travel life hacks you should consider following. These hacks will ensure that you pack only what you need. It is a good way of ensuring that your trip goes according to plan. Here are five travel life hacks that you should consider before traveling to your destination. You can find more travel life hacks on this video.

1. Packing your luggage.

Just take only what you need. When packing your clothes, you should roll them to create more space on your overall luggage. This space can be used to wrap other stuff like shoes and electronic devices like laptops. Make sure your passport and other identification documents are intact. You should also consider making copies of your passport in case of any loss.
One trick that you should try out is marking your luggage as fragile. Airport luggage officials will put your luggage on top of the rest, and this means that you will be the first to take out your bags in security checkpoints or when arriving. I think this hack is worth trying it out the next time you plan for a vacation.

2. Book your tickets in advance

Before you depart from your home, ensure that you book your airline travel ticket. Don’t forget to book your advance airport parking ticket. If your vacation lasts for more than seven days, you should consider scheduling an advance airport parking ticket for long-term parking. It is much cheaper to book an advance parking ticket according to Jim from airport parking Brisbane.
Everything should be in place, including reserving the hotel you will stay when you arrive. Always bring a bottle of water with you. You don’t know how many times the cabin crew will serve water on the plane. By doing this, you can drink your water anytime you are thirsty.

3. Carry a pen

This will be very convenient for you. Usually, you might find passengers jostling for pens when filling out the customs forms. Carrying your pen will make the process even more comfortable. Ensure that you bring your phone charger and pay for your internet service. You never know who you will be seated next to. Sometimes starting a conversation can be a tricky affair.

Some flights may even last for 8 hours depending on the destination. You can use this time to complete some work or even book accommodation while traveling. This will make our travel much more interesting.

4. Credit card

Calling your Credit Card Company or bank before leaving for your trip is crucial. Ask them if you can make transactions on the card in your destination. There are some cases where credit cards have been canceled due to suspicious activities. Upon arriving, use an ATM to convert the currency as opposed to using forex services. You will save some money during the process. ATMs in any destination will always dispense local currency.

5. Go for your luggage

Upon arrival, run for the luggage terminal. Since you had followed my advice and marked your luggage as fragile. It will be the first one to be released. You may have noticed how passengers dash to the airport washrooms upon landing. If you wish to avoid this, finish this business before the plane lands.


If you follow these tips, your travel will be seamless and very exciting. This will help you plan your trip much more comfortable.
The most critical travel hack is to use your ATM for converting currency, avoid forex services which charge fees when converting currencies.