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Proven Tactics to Attract more Instagram Followers

Instagram has seen its popularity grow in recent years and its accredited with over 700 million subscribers every month. Everybody wants to be seen and have a vast audience or fan base that he/she will be able to engage with every day. Instagram has a proven opportunity that will help its users boost their business sales or increase its brand popularity across the globe. To achieve this, you need to attract real Instagram followers. Most users have resorted to using various tactics and tricks to attract followers and grow their audience.

If you need a substantial, meaningful following on Instagram, you need to identify the right tricks to pull. But without that, you will not be able to realize the full beneficial impacts of your account. The following are trick that you can apply in you to increase your following.

Make use of the right hashtags

Engaging your fan base is as important as growing your audience. While It is vital in posting new interesting photos and memorable photos, the use of hashtags is critical in increasing your audience. Hash tagging provides a crucial element that will make it easy for people to find your photos when searching for specific terms. Not all hashtags will work for you; hence you will need to research that particular hashtags that apply well with your brand or products. To portray yourself well to that specific target audience, you need to search and find that one hashtag that goes well with your needs, the one that your audience is looking for on Instagram. To get that hashtag that applies well with your brand or products you can use tools such as Iconosquare or websta. You can also use Instagram to search for the hashtag that suits you well by typing directly into the app with your keywords.

Make use of the right filters to attract your target audience

Instagram users respond to different filters differently. Some filters attract more users on the app than others. It is therefore advisable that you find the right filters that attract your audience most and use it.

Try posting at the right time

The best times to post on the app is when your community is active and engaging. This means that your post will reach its target audience at the right time and you will even realize prompt responses. Visit the iconosquare and find out the best times and the best days to post and engage directly with your audience.

Attract more followers by stealing from your competitors

It is an authordox means but it has proven to be workable. All you need to do is to find out your competitors account and start following and engaging with their audience. Both of you have similar brands or goods that you want popularize or increase their sales. Therefore, by engaging your competitor’s followers you may be able to convince them to buy your products instead. You can put up some excellent offers that will eventually lead them to purchase from you.

Consider paying for sponsored posts and products reviews.

Although it is costly, it is a very influential means to get more engagements with your brand or product. You will earn more followers Instagram within a short period of time.

Various tactics are available and can be used to earn new followers on Instagram if done correctly. You may read broadly and find out more. Do not be limited to the few tricks and tactics that I have highlighted here.