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3 Social Media Strategies for Small Businesses in 2020

While social media used to be an optional tool for the growth of businesses a few years ago, it has now become an absolute necessity. Social media is one of the best business development tools for small business owners because it is not only able to reach a broad audience within a limited period; it is cheap too. In comparison to other traditional marketing methods, social media is a comparatively less expensive and quicker option for entrepreneurs. Also, a lot of businessmen are using social media services, for example, Instagram users prefer services that offer organic Instagram growth that will help them create their targeted audience. However, the key to using social media to your benefit is that you have to keep specific goals in your mind before you start. With that being said, here are three social media strategies for small businesses in 2020.

Presence on numerous platforms

While Facebook is one of the first social media platforms to pop up, there are now many other ones competing for consumers. If you wish to venture on social media to grow your business, do not just stick to one social media platform. Make sure your small business has a presence on several platforms so you can target your audience more quickly. Being present on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all together can prove to be helpful for your business.

Engaging the audience

One of the most important things to remember when using social media for business is that you have to engage your audience. Instagram and Facebook algorithms work in a specific way by showing posts to users who gain audience interaction. If you post something from your business page and your audience does not interact with it, it will not show up in their feeds anymore. That is why you need to come up with innovative posts that can get the viewers to interact with your posts. For instance, you can post a question and then answer it yourself. If you are a car dealer, you can ask the question of good car deals and then answer it by mentioning your service. This will help you attain the attention of your audience. You can also add visuals to your posts to make them more attractive. Your audience has a short attention span, which is why you need to be as creative as possible with your posts.

Relate to social influencers

Social influencers are increasing in numbers day by day. Social influencers have a lot of followers, which means they can help you reach a broad audience. You can start your social media venture by partnering up with social media influencers so that they can promote your business to their followers. Engaging a few influencers of social media to promote your business to their customers might be just the thing that your business needs to flourish.


All in all, social media is one of the best business development tools which you can use to your advantage. Now that you have the right information, you can make an informed decision and garner more benefits for your small business.