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How long does Durban Poison high last?

Durban poison is one of the most famous drugs for helping people who find it difficult to help themselves with certain illnesses. This strain has been named after South Africa’s second-largest city, Durban because of the research that was done in Durban for the powerful drug. Durban poison is so effective that it can help patients who have seizures, PTSD, depressions, anxieties, and people find it difficult to maintain their focus on things.

In the 1970s an American breeder named  Ed Rosenthal collected some seeds from South Africa and had them bred several plants. After the plantation and optimization, two lines were formed. The Durban poison has medium to large-sized structures, which is quite dense and compact. The patterns on the plant have forest green leaves with orange pistils on it. Moreover, the aroma that is released by the Durban poison has a classical dank smell. If you burn the leaf of the Durban poison plant, it gives off an extremely thick and lung expanding smoke.



Durban poison is highly recommended to patients who have PTSD, anxiety, seizures, etc. The patients find it difficult to maintain their attention span and hence they are recommended by doctors to take such drugs like Durban poison. If taken through Durban poison vape, it can have an effect of 30 minutes to 90 minutes on the patient, but if you smoke the Durban poison, it can relatively have an effect of 120 minutes to 180 minutes i.e. 2 hours to 3 hours. Durban poison helps the patients relax and give peace to their minds. The poison helps to increase the focus and attention span of the patients for a larger time so that the patient can remain active and perform all other activities just like normal people.



Durban Poison has many positive effects along with negative effects. We cannot blindly ignore the negative impact of the Durban poison on the lives of the patients. After 3-4 hours, the patients need to get another dose of the poison, so that they can spend the next 3-4 hours in a calm and normal way. The immense use of Durban poison can make them drive away from their senses and can cause them to lose their focus. The patients might seem to get angry and lose control of themselves, so it is very important to understand the side effects of the poison along with the benefits of using it.