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What are network switches?

The use of computer technologies has become more prevalent than ever before. This type of technology is being used in a number of areas worldwide. It has become essential for any well-educated individual to know about the different components of this technology. One of the most important areas associated with the use of computer technologies is that of network switches. It is not a popular piece of hardware, but it plays a highly important and vital role when it comes to the area of connectivity. Connectivity is also the essence of computer technologies. This part is where network switches come in. If you do not know what these switches are, you are in the perfect place. By the time you reach the end of this article, you will know all there is to know about network switches. We will also tell you why network switches are important for any computer system.

What are network switches?

Network switches are also known as bridging hubs or switching hubs. The official name of network switches is MAC Bridge. It can be classified as a type of networking hardware. The main function that it performs for any computer network is that it connects different devices on any computer system. The use of packet switching is rendered for this purpose. The device to which the data is transmitted is known as the destination device. It also renders the use of MAC addresses in order to forward the data of different OSI models. Some switches operate at layer two while some are capable of operating at layer three as well. The network switches that are capable of operating at layer three are known as multilayer switches. The most common usage of these switches is rendered for the purpose of Ethernet. The first network switch for Ethernet was devised in 1990 by Kalpana. However, it is not the only network for which such switches exist. In fact, network switches also exist for InfiniBand and Transfer Mode. There are a number of applications of using a network switch. One of the biggest applications that cannot be found elsewhere is the fact that it transmits data only that is to be received. Other similar devices like repeater hubs transmit entire data and let the other device chose which one it needs. As a result, efficiency is reduced. One of the most popular network switches is the Cisco c3kx nm 10g. It is laced with all the latest features and functions that one can ask for in a network switch.


Now that you know about the network switches, you can make a better analysis of the applications and uses of these devices. The use of any such device is of monumental importance in more than one way. They can significantly increase the level of effectiveness as well as the efficiency of the different operations of the computer networks to get better results for the users. This is the reason why they are widely used and popular across the globe.