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What are the five types of traffic signs

Having a thorough and general understanding of traffic signals and traffic signs is always a good idea. However, if you are not going through these signs casually and preparing for a traffic management course, you must have detailed knowledge of these signs since the chances of getting tested on these are significantly high.

There are many types of traffic signs, some of them are very common, while others are not so frequently seen. All of them are equally important and must be studied before hitting the road.

Here we discuss five of the common types of traffic signs that might have been observed by you frequently, but you wouldn’t have had a fair idea of what these meant. These traffic signs are discussed in detail below.

Emergency Vehicle Warning Sign

This might be the least seen sign out there. However, reading and understanding this sign is essential for everyone. Such signs are used to alert the drivers to upcoming fire departments, ambulance stations, hospitals, police stations, or any other such areas where emergency vehicles could be entering the street or the roadway. These signs also inform the drivers not to pull over in any case as maximum space should be given to the upcoming emergency vehicles to perform their duties without any hindrance.

“Men at Work” Sign

This is another less talked about but commonly observed sign that is used to alert all the drivers of work being done in the upcoming roads and streets. The colour orange is usually used on this sign to alert the drivers. This colour is used in the sign because it is clearly visible even from a distance. This sign is vital because it leads to a safer driving environment both for the ones travelling in the vehicle as well as for the people working outside.

“No Bicycle” Signs

This sign is relatively easy to understand because it is simple and requires no specialised knowledge. It consists of a cross sign with a bicycle which suggests that bikes are not allowed for travel on a particular road. This sign is mostly seen on highways or motorways where cars are travelling at very high speeds putting the cyclists at risk of meeting fatal accidents on such dangerous roads.

Speed Limit Sign

This is another very simple sign of comprehending. As the name suggests, the speed limit sign informs the drivers of the safe speed at which the vehicle should be travelling on a particular road. If the driver exceeds the limit, he/she is likely to be fined a ticket by a police officer or even online.

Stop Sign

This is indeed the easiest to read and the most common sign out there. This sign might be the most iconic, as well. Both the shape and colour of the sign make it easier to read, as well. This sign is used by police officers or traffic controllers at places where the vehicle is supposed to stop immediately.