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Learn How to Detox

The internet is loaded with tons of plans that can help you in losing weight quickly. One such is a weight loss juice cleanse. It can help you in reaching your weight goal while getting all the nutrients that are needed by your body. Here is a list of its benefits and other information that should be known to you.

The benefits

Consumption of juices is a good way by which you can get all the nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants in just one cup. Since these juices do not have any sugar and calories hence it helps in weight loss. Other benefits include a lighter body which is hydrated and full of energy. What’s more, there is also a better building of immunity, removal of toxins and a better digestive system. As your body has more energy and is toxin free hence it is very easy for you to lose weight.

Prepare your body for the juice cleanse

Start by eating healthy food a week before you begin your juice cleanses. If you have started a cleanse then begin your day with a glass of warm lemon water as soon as you wake up in the morning. This tip will help your body to process the juices in a better manner. If possible then don’t keep food in your house during the cleanse period to avoid distractions during meal times.

How to practice weight loss juice cleanse?

These juice cleanses should be taken from three days to a maximum period of 5 days post a food binge. As a rule of thumb half of the juices should be from green vegetables and the rest can be added for variety. Ensure not to overdo freshly prepared fruit juices as they may lead to an increase in sugar level.

What types of juices should I consume?

In the case of fruit juices, it is best to consume grapefruit. Green apples are also good as they give a sweet flavor and berries give an entirely new taste. Lemons and limes are also welcomed as they are good alkalizers and very low in sugar. The vegetables can be kale, spinach, carrot and bell peppers along with others that have high water content such as beetroot and cucumber.

How much juice should be consumed by me?

The amount of juice consumption is your personal decision and it depends on your hunger pangs. However, the ideal amount is of consuming 1 to 2L of green vegetable juice. You can then enjoy other juices as per your taste and for adding variety. Feeling sick with the thought of consuming juice for the whole day? It is better to introduce a few juices in your regular diet plan or try first with a fruit or vegetable smoothie that has a scoop of yogurt in it.

Juices are known to be good in taste and also fill your tummy. So, a juice cleanse will never give you a feeling that you are on a diet. It’s time to lose weight with a juice cleanse. What’s your strategy for the same? Give your valuable suggestions in the comment section!!!!