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How to Deal with Medical Billing Mistakes?

There is nothing more nerve-wracking other than getting an overpriced medical bill after being hospitalized due to a billing mistake. What an added insult to injury.

Indeed, medical billing mistakes are common in medical institutions with substandard medical or chiropractic billing services.

As a client, what can you do avoid and deal with such errors?

3 Things to Do Before the Hospital Visit

The most effective way you can proactively do to protect yourself from medical billing mistakes is to prepare. Here are the three preparation steps you must undertake before submitting yourself to any hospital service.

  1. Be well-informed of your health insurance

It is recommended that you do a thorough reading of your health insurance way before you need hospital services. Of course, you do not want to go throughout the contract while in deep pain. Plus, it takes some degree of focus to really understand your insurance.

So, make an appointment with yourself to read your health plan provided by your health provider.

Make sure it has all the information about you correct. Also, highlight if there are annual or monthly perks you could enjoy from it.

  1. Be aware of the hospitals accredited by your health insurance

Oh dear, do not go barking at the wrong tree with your health plan.

There are instances where patients put themselves under the care of medical institutions not knowing that the hospitals they are in are not within the network of their insurance.

No, they did not get their medical bills wrong. Instead, they received an uncalled for expensive medical expenses.

Hence, call up hospitals and ensure with them that they are covered by your insurance. If possible, you consult with them personally.

Do not simply rely on the hospital directory attached to your insurance document. Sometimes, hospitals or medical institutions severe their ties with certain insurance providers.

  1. Assess the projected cost

When you make that personal call, it is advisable that you also inquire about the projected cost of your concerned treatment. Also, ask them to inform you of their other options.

This will give you a good idea of the range of your medical bill in conjunction with your health insurance. No one wants a surprise in this area.

What to do If there’s a Billing Mistake


What if after following the above preparation steps, there still became some sorts of medical billing mistakes?

So, at this point, let’s say you have an estimated projected costing on how much your medical expenses should. However, when the real tab came in you notice that there are errors in it. What can you do?

Well, the best thing you can do is to act on it immediately. Keep your head cool since you have been prepared for this.

Coordinate with your insurance provider and the hospital’s billing office regarding your concern. Express to them you privilege as provided by your insurance.

Also, keep a keen eye to those listed as charges as some medical bill mistakes are brought forth by substandard medical or chiropractic billing services.

Additional Tip

When you make an early call to the hospital for an assessment of your medical expenses, do not forget to ask for the name of the person who provided you with the information.

Who knows you might need that person again for clarification in the future?