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How much does an airport parking cost

When it comes to traveling and planning the travel, every little thing needs to be considered. The actual trip starts the moment you park your car at the airport. Hence, the parking fees can add a significant portion to your overall miscellaneous expenses. Comparing this expense by taking an Uber or a taxi to the airport must be taken into account. The difference amongst these alternatives might prove to be significantly substantial.

The cost of taking an Uber or a taxi might indeed prove to be costly in some parts of the world; however, the price of airport parking also varies, and this might prove to be more expensive as well. According to GotoAirportParking, the cost of the parking varies from airport to airport.

The website introduces a new concept that offers safe and cheap parking alternatives at various airports worldwide. Their easy match and pick system lets you compare parking options to find the best and most convenient spots to park vehicles near the airport.

How does GotoAirportParking work?

With the G2AP, you pick your airport as well as the estimated duration of parking required. The rest is up to the website. The website selects the best options for you automatically. With the website, the price is displayed automatically, and the accurate prices tend to give a more convenient and correct calculation so that there are no surprises concerning costs. Hence, the G2AP provides all the required solutions for all the parking problems.

Cost of Airport Parking

The airport parking prices depend upon the different parking spots in various airports. Here we have a look at some great airports all around the world and how much each of these spots cost as well as the average costs.

Brisbane Airport

According to the prices calculated by the G2AP, different spots at the Brisbane have different fares. These parking fares range from $65 to $110. These fares depend upon certain factors, including the distance from the gate, pick & drop services, parking security, and whether the parking is indoor or outdoor.

Dublin Airport

The parking fares at the Dublin Airport range from $60 – $80. The standout and most expensive parking fare estimate to around $170. This is because the costly parking spot is only five minutes away from the flight gate. The parking spots are well lit and are secured with constant CCTV surveillance. There is also the availability of a free shuttle bus service.

Dayton Airport

According to G2AP, the parking fares at Dayton Airport are incredibly cheap compared to the other airports. This includes the economy parking package as well that only costs around $18 to $30. These services include secured outdoor parking, with the parking spots only 7-8 minutes away.

Auckland Airport

The parking fares at Auckland Airport are reasonably expensive if you use valet parking. These fares range from $180 – $300. These are the platinum parking available, both indoor and outdoor. The parking spots are extremely safe because the vehicles are safely locked behind a gate in a fully fenced and sealed area.