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How do I teach my five-year-old English

English has become one of the most popular languages in the world. So much so that it has become acclaimed worldwide. Owing to its fame and importance in all fields of professional as well as personal life, its demand has grown so much so that parents around the world are now looking to teach their children English at a very young age. When the child is still at a relatively young age, his or her chances of learning a particular language are significantly high. Therefore, parents must allow the child to learn the basics of English at the age of around five. This age is perfect because the child is fully aware of his or her surroundings and can also comprehend lots of things. The child is also not old enough to not develop habits. Therefore, teaching a five-year-old to learn English is both advised and commendable.

The real question, however, often arises: how would the child learn the language without any hassle and in quick time? The answer to this question is not straightforward. However, it is also true that following specific procedures and looking into some tips and tricks can significantly benefit the child into becoming more and more proficient in English over time. This will significantly improve spoken English for kids.

Discussed in detail below are some of the tips that are certain to benefit your child in learning the language in one way or another.

Build your own understanding of your child

Before you move on to the direct means of learning English, you must understand your child’s potential and capability. You will soon realize that children do not all learn at the same rate, so you have to be patient with their progress. You need to fully understand what to expect from your children. So it is essential for you, as a parent, to get constant feedback from all the people involved in the learning of your child, whether it be some school teacher or tutor.

Watch educational cartoons

Cartoons are available in almost all languages. It is also true that children tend to pick up learnings from things they are more interested in. So, what better way than to learn English through cartoons? As a parent, make sure that your child is exposed to good cartoons and that too in the English language. If the cartoons are educational and teach your child more stuff about the language in general than it is a plus point

Watch YouTube Tutorials

You can always incorporate YouTube into your child’s daily routine. Spending an hour a day learning some phonics or grammar-related stuff for your child will ultimately benefit you and your child in the long run

Narrate stories in English

Storytime is the best time for most children. They look forward to this the most. Hence, as a parent, make sure you narrate interesting stories and that too, in English. Your child will likely pick up important stuff from these stories and remember them for a long time.