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Best-Selling Weighted Blankets

Sleep is one of the essential activities that significantly improves how our human body functions. Without a good night’s sleep, we often get cranky, sad, restless, and angry in many cases. Hence an incomplete sleep cycle adversely affects our mood; it can prove to worsen our overall performance concerning completing work and fulfilling relationships. Long story short, an interrupted sleeping pattern equals a disturbed life. However, there are many remedies to this issue. There might be many medicinal reliefs to sleep-related issues like insomnia or sleep apnea; for example, there are other ways to fix it. Many products have proven to improve sleeping patterns, as well as significantly. One of the most popular products that have caused immense relief to people suffering from lack of sleep includes a weighted blanket with cover.

Weighted blankets are, as the name suggests, heavy blankets usually filled with a material like plastic pellets. Weighted blankets are known to provide a calming effect to the mind and body because of the weight one feels from the material used inside it. These blankets are typically 15 pounds or more in mass. Weighted blankets have known to provide relief to stressful and anxious people, making them sleep for 7-8 hours without having to worry about waking up during the night.

The best-selling weighted blankets

Not all products are the same. The quality and price vary from one brand to another. Some weighted blankets have been very beneficial, while others are not just that effective. Here is an overview of some of the best-selling weight blankets with covers.

YnM Weighted Blanket

The first pick in the category is the Weight Blanket from YnM. It is a blanket filled with 100% Oeko-Tex certified cotton material coupled with premium glass beads. This blanket is available in different sizes and weights, depending on the customer requirement. Some of the best-selling sizes include 60″x80″ 17lbs, 60″x80″ 25lbs, 48″x72″ 15lbs and 80″x87″ 20lbs. This blanket is available on online retailers like Amazon and Walmart.

Deluxe Comforter Premium Weighted Blanket

The second best-selling weighted blanket is the premium deluxe comforter blanket. This is a significantly heavy blanket weighing almost 12-15lbs and includes a cover as well. It is known for its two-part construction that makes the blanket easy to use and washed. The industry-exclusive Evenflow™ Technology is used to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. It incorporates the Glass Bead Weighted Technology as well. This blanket is also available in abundance online.

Magic Weighted Blanket

The last best-selling weighted blanket with cover is the Magic weighted blanket. It is a super comfortable blanket, available in different weights. The magic blanket is sewn without visible stitching that makes it look smooth and therapeutic. Its design and quality are what make it stand out from the rest of the competition.


Each of the three weighted blankets with cover is known to provide stress relief and fix sleep-related issues to anyone who has been suffering from getting a good night’s sleep always.